Name Badges

Using a computerized engraving system, we are able to create personally engraved name badges. Selection options ranging from sizes, colors, shapes, fasteners--with the ability to add your own images and/or logo--means that we can meet your custom engraved name tag needs. Add a punched slot for additional versatility and uses: luggage, identification, gift tags and more. Custom name tags are available with magnetic and other fasteners. Create your own truly unique engraved custom name tags. We also offer engraved magnetic name tags.

Small companies:

Make your personnel stand out!

Having your employees wear name tags has many advantages. To your customer, it shows your professionalism and pride. A customer is comfortable when they can call your employee by name. To your staff, it promotes camaraderie, and company pride. If you have outside salespeople or delivery people, it gets your name and logo out before the public one more time.

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Company Branding with Name Tags

Your name tag reflects who you are and humanizes you to others. Most people tend to judge on first impressions, especially when everyone in the room is a stranger. But, if you have a way to make yourself stand out, your brand will become recognizable. and helps to make others more at ease around you.

With customized name tags, your organization can promote logo and company recognition, and make your company’s brand really stand out.

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